Caring for your cat - Cat Care Tips

Caring for your Cat

Caring for your cat - Cat Care Tips

Aren’t cats amazing? They are the combination of affectionate, bossy, and loners all rolled into a one lovable bundle of fluff. They are self sufficient to a degree, but even so, they still require our help to ensure that they are able to live to their full potential (anywhere from 15 to 25 years).

Since 1998 in New South Wales, cats are included into the Companion Animal Act, which means that they are required to be microchipped and registered with a NSW Council. This means that what you used to think that cats were not important as far as the government was concerned is not the case.

Other things to consider include

  • Vaccinations against Cat Flu and Enteritis
  • Microchip details being kept up to date
  • Heartworm Prevention (yes cats can get this too), Intestinal worming and Flea/tick control (we are in a Paralysis tick area in the Illawarra).
  • Coat care – grooming for long coated cats, and nail clipping for indoor cats especially
  • Litter trays sufficient size, number and location for your cats (plus the all important litter type- cats are fastidious and often prefer one type of kitty litter to another).

We can help you with the right information for you, just ask.

It is possible to ensure a safe, mentally happy indoors cat with the right resources in place. A great place to start is the Indoor Cat Initiative.

Some friendly tips

  • Ditch the food bowl, and use dispensing treat toys instead
  • Ditch the water bowl, and invest in a quality water fountain in locations separate to your feeding area (cats often won’t eat near a water source)
  • Cats love to sit up high, and supervise – give them any opportunity to watch the world from a height
  • The use of Feliway ™ will help your new cat adjust to their new home
  • Invest in a sturdy quality cat basket that can open at the top and Keep this always available so your cat can go in and out when they feel like it.
  • And, don’t forget the regular vet trips – the more trips your cat makes, the more comfortable they will be at the

Finally, having an emergency plan, in the event of fire or flood is always a good idea. It is also important to think about who is going to care for your pet if you are unable to for a short or long time.

Know that all of us at Russell Vale Animal Clinic are here for you to make sure you are the best version of a pet owner that your cat knows that you are.

Dr Liz

July 2023