Pet Health Checks at Russell Vale Animal Clinic

Health Checks

Pet Health Checks at Russell Vale Animal Clinic

We all know that our pets age much faster than we do, yet many pet owners do not realise that often their pet’s will hide signs of pain or discomfort. Even many pets will not be aware of their own health concerns, such as if they have a heart murmur, or a lump growing somewhere.

Having a trained person perform a thorough hands-on examination, and then focusing the examination on particular areas of concern, is essential for the long term health of your pet.

For example – I often see many “healthy pets” who have had a small lump for months or even years, which upon testing is actually turned into a cancer (initially was benign but the longer it stayed the more it morphed into something else – skin cysts commonly do that, as do mammary tumours).

Dental disease is often silent, as is heart disease.

Regular vet checks allows you to form a relationship with your vet and vet team, who will be able to help you even with minor enquiries via email or phone in the future. It also is a great opportunity to keep you up to date in the latest information on nutrition, behaviour and parasite control.

Did you know – our standard consultation time is up to 30 minutes long – if you think you might need more time with our vet, let our friendly receptionist team know when you make the booking (extended consultation fees will apply).

Is your pet particularly anxious around other dogs or people? With early warning, we will endeavour to schedule a consultation with extra time blocked out to reduce their arousal.