Meet Our Team

We would like to invite you to find out more about our family run, independantly owned vet hospital, known to the locals as the Bellambi Vet. 

We opened in April 1998, and although we are small, we constantly upgrade and improve our facilities, equipment and skills. 

Meet Our Team - Dr Liz


Senior Clinic Veterinarian (BVSc (Uni of Sydney))

I am Dr Liz, the mad vet of Bellambi. I am Wollongong born and bred, having established Russell Vale Animal Clinic in April 1998.

Having graduated from the University of Sydney in 1989, I worked in several practices in Wollongong and Sydney, juggling working with family.

My core values are kindness, compassion, gratitude, dignity and respect. However, I have zero tolerance for bullies, rudeness and intolerance.

Being a General Practitioner, I still have special interests in the fields of dermatology, behaviour, dentistry, cytology, and research.

My greatest achievements are our four children – Tegan, Haiden, Sean and Paige, and the ongoing success of Russell Vale Animal Clinic.

Meet Our Team - Dirk


Head Nurse (BSc, Cert IV (Vet Nurse))

As the Head Nurse at Russell Vale Animal Clinic, I am usually the person who juggles multiple things at once.

The other names I am known by is “Dogs body” (which means that I do everything), and the “Cat Whisperer”.

I originate from Tokoroa in New Zealand, am a graduate of the University of Waikato with a degree in Geology, but have been working alongside Dr Liz as a veterinary nurse since 1997.

I am a Certified Veterinary Nurse.  My other certifications include Laser Therapy.  I am proud to be part of a Fear Free practice.

Meet Our Team - Tegan


Veterinary Nurse (Cert IV)

Tegan is a qualified Vet Nurse who has been working alongside Dr Liz and Dirk at Russell Vale Animal Clinic for over 10 years!

She has an interest in the behaviour of our pet dogs and cats and especially loves discussing all aspects of puppy and kitten care. (Including looking at all those oh so cute puppy and kitten pictures!)

She has recently returned back to part time work after maternity leave.
In her time away from work she enjoys spending time with her two boys, going walking with her dog Piper, and listening to podcasts!

Meet Our Team - Pandora

Pandora (the boss)

Practice Manager

Hello Darlings, Pandora here. I am the true boss of this practice, let no one tell you otherwise. I was found many years ago in a gutter in Corrimal, and brought in by the lovely Mrs Clark who just knew that Dr Liz and Dirk would nurse and care for me (not that I wanted that to begin with!) and after a few weeks of gaining my trust they convinced me the world wasn’t such a bad place and I’ve been here ever since.

I let Dr Liz know of my true name (Pandora) by turning off and on the computers (only a few times I’m certain – Dr Liz says otherwise – why humans are so reliant on technology I just don’t know) and but asking her in my own way to research the legend of Pandora.

I love lounging in the sun, or up high in the flow of the heater in winter. Many of you will have met me and know I do love a good pat.

Meet Our Team - Pumpkin


Front Office Manager

Hey Guys! Pumpkin Here! I’m also know as the Ginger Ninja because I just LOVE running and jumping off all sorts of heights! I was brought here to Russell Vale Vets as a teeny tiny kitten, and I was so scared of everything I let NO ONE near me at all! I was very hissy spitty so they say (although I thought that was just regular ginger cat-itude) Dr Liz’s youngest daughter Paige eventually brought me around to the cuddly way of life with her love and attention.

I often sit by the counter on my plush bed, for 3 Very Important Reasons: 1) to supervise the goings on around here (I mean, someone has to right?) 2) to bask In the sun and birdwatch and 3) to get the cuddles and pats of course? (just one my terms, 3 pats and I’m done unless I REALLY like you, then maybe it’s 4 pats) Bye for now!

Meet Our Team - Piper


Clinic Dog


Hello everyone! I’m Piper! You might notice that I’m a bit loud and a bit excitable, but that’s just because I REALLY NEED to keep everybody clued in on everything that is going on!

I came to be a part of Dr Liz’s family after they drove all the way to Rouse Hill RSPCA to find little me! It really was love at first sight although I sure have put them through their paces in true puppy style. I do have a few medical concerns (I’ve been told it’s a vet pet thing, I just say its Dr Liz’s ongoing education!) but I am still an energetic and happy dog and I don’t let my medical issues get in the way of me just enjoying being a dog! I love going to the dog beach, going out and walking (especially when I get to sniff whatever I want!) and I love going bushwalking and running in the field.

I do like to relax and sleep sometimes, but only when no one is looking! Also, we can be friends forever if you throw my frisbee or feed me. YUM!

If you wanna know more about me, I’m on Instagram at : the_kelpie_piper