Medical Imaging at Russell Vale Animal Clinic

Medical Imaging

Medical Imaging at Russell Vale Animal Clinic

Our Medical Imaging service on site includes a modern digital radiography suite (DR) for full body radiographs, and a CR for dental radiographs only.

We have had digital radiography since 2009, with our most recent system, purchased in 2021.

Since 2021, we have incorporated Artificial Intelligence (Signalpet) in our radiographic interpretation, which offers an “extra pair of eyes” ensuring nothing is missed. We frequently consult with specialists (radiologists and orthopedic surgeons) for further assessment if required.

What usually happens when my pet is booked in for radiographs?

Most of our patients are admitted into hospital for the day to have radiographs taken, unless it is an emergency (where they are often taken immediately).

For health and safety of our team, as well as to ensure perfect positioning, all pets will need to be sedated or have a light anaesthetic during the procedure. Our goal is to get “diagnostic “ radiographs – rather than just a black and white picture.

We have access to Medical Ultrasound through a visiting Ultrasonographer, or referral to a specialist may be required. We do not perform pregnancy ultrasounds at Russell Vale Animal Clinic.

What about Advanced Imaging such as CT or MRI? At this time, this is still only available at larger veterinary hospitals or at referral centres.